11th February

Hey folks,

I’m a little miffed today; was meant to take delivery of my new phone, but it never turned up. Am hoping it’ll be tomorrow now, otherwise they’ll be getting a stroppy e-mail off me! According to the tracking it has been accepted by the local depot, so really it should be tomorrow.

Other than waiting in for that all day, I’ve done very little. The Labrynthitis has been really bad today, so have spent a lot of time laying on the sofa trying to stop the world spinning. It seemed to settle down for a couple of days, but then yesterday and today have been just as bad as the beginning was. It’s horrible.

Mood wise I’ve been pretty low today; feeling so unwell is really getting to me now. Missing Rock Choir really sucked, and am having to miss Slimming World tonight. The latter is probably a good thing as I’ve not really been on plan! So it would definitely be a gain!! I’ll take it on the chin next week and start again though, as I said last night. I’m not really worried about it right now; the biggest thing for me is getting better. Which I hope will start to happen soon!!!!

A little update on my self harm free status – 308 days!!!! Haven’t mentioned it for a little while, so figured it was time šŸ™‚

I don’t think I’ve really got a lot else to say today to be honest. Too poorly to have done anything worth writing about!

So, with that said, I’ll leave it there for today. At least I’m still checking in every day as promised šŸ™‚
Take care one and all, and welcome to my newest followers, welcome to my world! Thank you for joining me on my journey.

Until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


7 thoughts on “11th February

  1. I know this is a few weeks back now, But I just found your blog and want to congratulate you on 308 days of being free of self harm. I’ve been there and know how hard it can be. You are loved.

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