7th February

Hey folks,

Am very early posting today, as have a lot of time on my hands!

I’m still a bit wobbly with this Labrynthitis, so haven’t and won’t be working out today. Am hoping I can get back on it on Monday maybe.

This morning I had to attend an appointment at the job centre; total waste of both my time and theirs in my opinion. All it was, was to see if my circumstances had changed since I applied for ESA; which they haven’t. The whole thing could of been done over the phone, but no, they had to drag me in at 9.20am on a Saturday morning. Rubbish. Especially when I’m not feeling well too. They did originally book it for last Saturday, but I cancelled it in the hopes it wasn’t compulsory. However, when the second letter came through, I knew it was something I’d have to endure just to keep them happy! I had to fill in a lot of paper work to confirm my details, again! All seemed such a pointless activity when nothing has changed.

So, apart from that, have done very little to be honest. So there’s not really a great deal to write about, as seems the norm lately! Is there anything anyone would like to see in my blog? If so, get in touch! You can leave a comment here or you can message me on my Facebook page.

Mood wise I’m doing okay; reasonably upbeat and positive.

Well, I’m off to read for a while and relax. Still reading my f**k it therapy book, more on that in another post when I’ve digested it more myself!

So thanks for reading as always, and sorry it was so short and really not very interesting!

Take care and stay strong, until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


2 thoughts on “7th February

  1. That is a very inconvenient illness; in other words, people cannot see any disability but it is very debilitating. I get similar symptoms from the MS and my mum had Menieres Disease so I really sympathise. Are any of the meds helping? Stay strong honey, be careful and enjoy your therapy book which made me laugh. I haven’t been around much lately but am back now with a vengeance. xxx

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