6th February

Hey folks,

Been quite a lazy day today as still poorly. I did have my on-line CBT session though; which went well. It was more of a meet and greet kinda thing today, the real work starts next week! She asked me lots of questions about my OCD and Health Anxiety, and said that she was looking forward to working with me 🙂

It was really nice to be so chilled out for it to be honest; just laid on the sofa, under my duvet, with a cup of coffee and my laptop. So much better than having to go to the hospital like before. I think the stress of the actual effort to get there is what used to make it so hard. Granted the sessions themselves were exhausting as well, but at the time I was suffering from severe anxiety about travelling on buses. Now it doesn’t bother me haha.

I’ve also decided to take a break from Slimming World group; I don’t ever stay to the session after weigh in, so effectively I’m paying, or rather wasting, £5 just to get weighed when I can do that at home for free. Plus, I don’t want to get so fixated on a number on the scales. It’s just depressing to be honest. I’d much rather focus on my work outs (when I’m fighting fit again!), and see the changes in my body, rather than the scales.

The plan is to maybe incorporate the 5:2 diet back in, with Slimming World as well. I managed to lose just over 1 stone on the 5:2 last time, and to be fair I didn’t really follow it to the letter, and ate way more than I should have on ‘feast’ days! So, I figure if I follow Slimming World for 5 out of 7 days, and do 2 fast days, then I should see better results this time around. I know a couple of people doing the same thing, and it’s really working for them. The only trouble is, with my workout plans, fasting won’t be a good idea….so I’m a little concerned about that. But, I’ll work it out as time goes on.

With regards to working out – When I’m better, I do intend to finish off Ripped in 30, as I have 2 weeks left of it. Week 3 and Week 4. Determined to get to the end of it this time around. As I only managed a week and a couple days last time! Then, once I’ve finished that, take a break, and then crack on and do Insanity! I’m hoping I get some money for my birthday to kit myself out with some new workout gear, as my trainers are on their last legs, and I only have 1 outfit! Can’t be washing it every day, and with insanity you sweat a hell of a lot! It’s high intensity work outs, so I need to get some more stuff! I love buying workout gear though, definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I’m also going to invest in some protein shakes for post workout recovery. It’s recommended by the people that created the course, as well as my PT friend, and my friends that have done it or are doing it currently. Have found what I’m going to buy already, it’s just a case of raising the funds!

Right, I think that’s enough for one day, heads spinning a little too much to carry on! Need a lay down….

Thanks for reading, take care and stay strong, until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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