26th January

Hey folks,

I am 20+ hours and counting, smoke-free! It’s been a really tough day, but have somehow gotten through it. Not quite sure how! I got my workout (day 3/week 1) done shortly after breakfast, then I did keep myself busy this morning, with housework and such like. Had a nice hot bath, washed my hair and then slept a bit this afternoon. I have eaten 14.5 syns though, so am having to be really careful! I don’t want to replace smoking with eating! Then my weight-loss will go the wrong way!! I have however drunk nearly 3 litres of water! Every time I crave I drink. So, that’s been a lot haha. Oh well, should flush out the toxins a bit quicker. But otherwise, I’ve stuck to Slimming World plan, so all is well still there!

I’ve got an annoying cough today, which I think is the beginning of the repairing process; it seems to be clearing my lungs anyway. My positive posters have helped a lot today, a long with the support of both friends and strangers on a Facebook group. Have had some really tough cravings today, but I rode them out and survived! I’m already feeling really proud of myself, and the day isn’t done yet. Although, am tempted to have an early night just to get it over with, haha!

Today is also 292 days self harm free! I can’t wait to say that about being smoke-free. That’ll be epic!!!

Tomorrow I have my member interview at Lifecraft, I didn’t write it down when she said so am hoping I’ve remembered correctly that it’s at 1pm. :-/ could be interesting if I’ve got it wrong haha! I remember saying midday onwards, so I think I’ve remembered it right. Might just give them a call in the morning to double check….
I’m a little nervous about it, as I don’t know what to expect really, but looking forward to it at the same time. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Another thing to look forward to tomorrow, is Rock Choir! The thought of that has helped with some fierce cravings today too. Knowing that over time my voice will get better again, and I may even be tempted to go for solo’s again then. We shall see!

Anyway, not really much else to say, apart from it’s now 21 hours smoke-free!!!

Take care and stay strong, until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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