20th January

Hey folks,

I’m in considerable amounts of pain right now; 😦 I’ve really hurt my back and can barely move at the moment. So I’m a bit frustrated!! Had to rest all of today, and miss Rock Choir! Gutted!! 😦

Did see my doctor today though, regarding my other aches and pains, in particular my hips. Luckily he doesn’t think it’s the return of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia that struck me when I was 21. He thinks they’re all symptomatic of my mental health. Now that my mood is more stable, the other symptoms that often occur with depression etc, then start to surface. The tired all the time, body aches, concentration issues, confusion and forgetfulness, and the hip pain, are all related. He did say that if it persists and becomes more troublesome to go back and he’d investigate further, just in-case. I’m hoping it all settles down and I don’t have to go back about it.

Mood wise I’m doing okay; fairly upbeat and happy. Just so annoyed that I’m hurt, as I can’t do my yoga for a few days either! Taking it easy isn’t something I’m good at, but doctors orders, so I must! It’s so boring though just sitting around! I’m going to try get out for a short walk tomorrow, as that shouldn’t do too much damage hopefully. I just cannot bear the thought of sitting around all day! However, if I’m still in as much pain tomorrow, as I am right now, then reluctantly I won’t be able to even do that! Walking around the house is painful, sitting is painful, laying down is painful…. I can’t win!

Am kinda dreading weigh in, knowing that my activity will have been less; I need to be active. Oh well, just got to suck it up and get on with it I guess. Whatever happens, happens. If I stay the same or gain I’ll know why.

If I can’t get out for a walk, I’ll rely on my green teas and lots of water to flush the fat out haha. Just had a lovely text from my consultant, congratulating me on my first week loss 🙂 I didn’t stay to group, so it’s nice to know she still noticed. I’ll be staying this week, eek. Let’s hope it’s a celebration and not a consolation!

Anyway, I’m going to log off as it’s really uncomfortable sitting with the laptop 😦

Take care folks, and stay strong! Until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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