17th January

Hey folks,

So, today is 1 month until my 30th birthday! O.M.G. Not looking forward to it very much I’ll admit! This is my last month as a twenty something, and that kind of scares me! I don’t yet know if I’m doing anything for it yet, I’ve asked around and got a rough idea of numbers, so maybe just a night down the pub. Of course I won’t be drinking, but others can, it doesn’t bother me now. My hubby is currently sat here drinking beer and I’m not fussed in the slightest.

Today has been quite a lazy day, got up around 10ish, and watched some tv. Then after lunch I managed to drag hubby out for a walk with me, to try and clear his cold! It was only a short one, but better than nothing. Then came more chilling out in front of the tv! I wasn’t going to do my yoga as felt a bit sick, but pushed myself and it made me feel better! I was shocked haha. I totally still love yoga, it makes me feel so good afterwards (albeit rather hot and sweaty!). I highly recommend it to anyone looking for low impact exercise. I’m getting stronger and more flexible the more I do it, and I love that!

I’m surprised that despite feeling totally lazy, I’m keeping on top of the housework. After dinner tonight I’ve washed up and cleaned the kitchen! Which never used to happen; I used to let it build up over the weekend and then spend most of Monday doing it. At least I’m saving myself that tedious chore though I guess!

As many of you know, my favourite colour is purple! So, with that said, I’ve decided to dye my hair purple at the end of this month! Crazy perhaps? Ah well, you only live once, may as well enjoy the ride and do something outrageous every now and then, right?! I’ve just gotten a bit bored of the red now, and fancy a change.

Been bang on plan for Slimming World today; determined to get another loss next week!!

Anyway, nothing much else to say for today, so think I’m going to curl up on the sofa with a book 🙂

As always, take care and stay strong! Until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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