15th January

Hey folks,

I’m feeling really good tonight! Went for my first weigh in at Slimming World and have lost 3.5lbs!!!!!!! 😀 Am over the moon with that, and super excited for the week ahead! If I do the same next week that’s half a stone in 2 weeks! It’s what I’m aiming for and would take me down into the next stone bracket too, which would be amazing!

I didn’t stay to group this week, as wasn’t feeling very well (another cold brewing!), and hubby was at home poorly, so wanted to get back to him. I’m such a good wifey haha, been running round after him all day. Bless him, man flu!

I went into town today too; did a bit of shopping at Asda, kind of a top up shop, and will do a big shop over the weekend at the usual Sainsbury’s. I exceeded my 10,000 steps target, just by doing the shopping! Shows how it all adds up. Totally loving my fitbit. For those who don’t know what it is – it’s a wristband that tracks steps, calorie burn and how much sleep you get. It’s brilliant and I’ve been recommending it to everyone! You can pick them up on eBay for around 60-70 pounds, and they’re so worth it. It really motivates me to move more, rather than just sit on my butt!

My mood is really good right now, physically I feel rather crappy, but at least I’m happy with it!

Tomorrow I’m cooking in my slow cooker for the first time; slow cooked gammon joint in diet coke! Supposed to be totally lush, so we shall see! Will let you all know how it goes in tomorrow’s blog post! I’m really looking forward to it 🙂 I have to soak the gammon joint over night, to get rid of the excess salt, then I’ll stick it in the slow cooker with a can of diet coke, for 8 hours on low. Easy.

Anyway, that’s all from me tonight, going to relax with a cuppa and read the new Slimming World magazine for recipe inspiration! 🙂

Take care all and stay strong!

Until next time……

x Sara Phoenix x


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