12th January

Hey folks,

Been quite a productive day today despite feeling very unmotivated and tired! Was up and doing my yoga by 7.30am as hubby had to be at work early today; then I ate a lush breakfast, Slimming World friendly of course! Then I got on with the housework. Didn’t take me too long, as just got stuck in until it was done. I then proceeded to have a nap… oops! That was unintended, but I definitely needed it. So very tired today.

After my nap though, I gave myself a huge push and went out for a blustery walk! Weather wasn’t great, but the rain held off whilst I was out luckily. Felt a bit more awake after that, but still fairly unmotivated. After I’d spoken to the hubby on his lunch, I had another lush SW friendly meal, then did a few errands that I needed to do.

Once all the tedious stuff was done I finally got around to having a nice hot bath and washing my hair. Feel so much better for it. Takes a lot of energy to do such a simple thing sometimes. Plus now my hair has grown, there’s a lot more effort involved doing that haha. Love it long, but sometimes think of cutting it off… but no, I won’t! I’ve got it this far and there’s no turning back now.

Just discovered a new band to listen to – Witherscape. I subscribe to Deezer (a lot like Spotify), and it recommends music based on what you listen to. They’re not bad to be honest! Look em up if you’re into rock music. Can’t quite put my finger on who they remind me of though, but they’re rocking my socks right now.

Not sure what else to write about today, as that’s pretty much summed up my day! I won’t waffle on, as that’s just dull for you to read, but I’m in a good mood and doing well 🙂

Hope you’re all good too; take care and stay strong, until next time….

x Sara Phoenix x


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