9th January

Hey folks,

Had quite a lazy day today; lacking in energy or motivation to really do anything for a start, and my neck really hurts for some reason. I don’t know whether I hurt it yesterday somehow, or whether I just slept funny.. either way, it’s been agony today. Can barely turn my head to the right 😦 Sad times! So, didn’t do my workout; and the weathers been so unpredictable that I didn’t venture out for a walk either.

I have however, been bang on Slimming World plan! I’m really proud of myself, going back last night was definitely the right move. Today I’ve eaten lots of lovely, healthy foods and already feeling better for it. I think my body needed the break from junk food. So far I’ve not had any syns either (basically treats like sweets, chocolate, crisps etc). Had lovely hot porridge with blueberries for breakfast, a couple of bananas throughout the morning, then pasta with tuna and veg for lunch, and some strawberries this afternoon. Planning gammon, mash and veg for dinner too. All tasty and all free on the plan! Love it!

Mood wise I’m doing great today to be honest! Feeling really chirpy and upbeat. I think it’s helping that hubby is leaving work early today and then has the weekend off! Looking forward to being lazy with him really haha. We’ll probably go for a walk if the weather is nice, as he’s wanting to lose a few pounds too! It’s great how supportive he is of me, he’ll eat the same as me to save cooking 2 meals. He also comes to group with me too, bless him. He didn’t come last night though as we had our Sainsburys delivery due, but he’ll come with me next week though 🙂

I really am glad to be back at Slimming World, and can’t wait to start seeing the numbers fall on the scales, and fit into smaller clothes again. I remember how it feels to be a size 10, and really looking forward to doing so again. I’m determined to get back there, and will get there in time. It may take a while, but I know I can do it. Feeling so positive about it, and the only way is down (in weight loss terms!).

Anyway, that’s all from me today, nothing much else to report, jeez I’m dull haha.

Stay strong and take care folks, until next time…..


7 thoughts on “9th January

  1. Just temember to reward yourself though as im convinced that diets dont work but changing lifestyle and eating a diet based around 80% fresh ingredients is the way forward. I help a friend out with his website hes a nutritionist and personal trainer so ive learnt alot from him over the years. Good luck!

      • Exactky! The amount of people that fail at diets because they deny themselves the things they like for weeks even months doing these fad diets is unbeliveable. Its all about portion control, eating the right foods and exercise. Simple. But places like slimming world are part of a multi million industry. It may work in the short term but long term they fail and thats what these companies want so you keep coming back putting more money in their pocket!

      • Slimming World is different to most of the others to be honest. Nothing is off limits, thats why I love it so much. And when you reach your target weight you become a free member anyway 🙂

      • My mum and sister used to go until i told them i could do what they do for free! Now they eat a balanced diet with portion control mixed with regular exercise! No more green day, red day rubbish! oh and no surprise the weight has stayed off!

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