The Importance of Seeking Help for Your Self-Harm

Recovery Is Possible Blog

Seeking help for self-harm is extremely important to your well-being and living a happy, healthy life. If you don’t seek help, there could be tragic consequences. The longer you let the problem go, the more serious the problem gets. Self-harm always starts out as “scratches” and “one cut here and there,” but the longer the problem continues, it turns into deep cuts and cutting all the time because you begin to crave and need it more. Also, with cutting deeper, the risk for an accidental suicide increases. Self-harm is a serious problem and it needs to be dealt with by a medical professional that knows how to fix the issue. Seeking help is an IMPORTANT part to recovery. It’s okay to ask for help. Usually there is an underlying issue causing the self-harm that needs to be dealt with, and by seeking professional help, you can figure out exactly what…

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