December 3rd – Piercings & Tattoos

Hey folks,

Today I’ve chosen the topic of piercings and tattoos! The second being my favourite art form.. I have 8 tattoos. I think I may be a little addicted!

My first tattoo was a tribal rose designed by my lovely husband –


My second was in memory of my dad, and also in that photo is my fourth, which my sister and I got done the same 🙂


Third was to represent my love of music and Rock Choir –


My fifth was my Phoenix –


The sixth was my little skull marking my love of Green Day –


Seventh was my butterfly to represent my struggles with self harm, in honour of the butterfly project (will explain that shortly) –


and last but not least, the eighth was my most recent –


That one is representing my victory over self harm!

So there you go, that’s all my ink! I only have my ears pierced at the moment, so nothing exciting to show you there!

Now, the butterfly project –

The Butterfly Project was created for self-harmers who feel they are ready to stop and need the motivation or support to do so.
The idea is simple. The self-harmer simply draws a butterfly on their place(s) of self-harm and, if the butterfly fades without them self-harming, it means it has lived and flown away, giving them a sense of achievement. Whereas if they do self-harm with the butterfly there; they will have to wash it off and the butterfly dies. If that does happen, they then start again by drawing a new one on.

I did it for a little while with a sharpie pen, and am pleased to say all my butterflies survived 🙂 now I have a permanent one, and feel really positive about not ever self harming again. Although it is a bit silly for me to say that, as I have no idea what the future holds for me, nor can I guarantee that I won’t ever do it again; but right now, in this moment, I have no intentions of ever doing it again. And that’s good enough for me.

I’ve been quite busy today, went shopping for more paint for my latest canvas commissions; ended up spending way more than anticipated in Hobbycraft for bits for me and hubby! I love that shop a bit too much…

This afternoon I spoke to the electricity company to confirm my payment amount each month and thankfully it’s gone down, our account is over £600 in credit, so technically I shouldn’t have to pay anything for a while! But, I have paid the amount they had set up on the system to keep them happy; at least we’ll not get into debt again on that front!

Other than those couple things, I’ve done nowt. Still feeling quite rough with a cold, so am taking it easy. Hopefully I’ll feel a bit better tomorrow so I can get some housework done. I’d really like to sort out the big spare room, but it’s going to be a mission! It’s basically where everything gets chucked so it’s out the way…so at the moment looks like a bombs gone off! Getting rid of the piano helped as it’s made more space, but it still needs sorting out and probably some trips to the tip!!

This evening I plan to finish off a couple of the painting commissions. That’s about it really! I think that’s all I’ve really got to report for today too. I hope you enjoyed seeing all my ink in one post! I love it all and wouldn’t change any of them for the world.

Until next time my lovelies….


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