December 2nd – Music Shuffle

Hey folks,

Today’s post is rather random, as once again I’ve not really done a lot worth writing about! So, the topic for today is:

Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that play!

Well, I don’t have an iPod, but I do have Spotify, so here goes! –

  1. Never Give In – Black Veil Brides
  2. Like Toy Soldiers – Eminem
  3. Hallelujah – Paramore
  4. Nothing Left To Say – Imagine Dragons
  5. Run To You – Bryan Adams
  6. Lost – Within Temptation
  7. Just Give Me A Reason – P!nk
  8. Pet The Destroyer – Lordi
  9. Burning Down The House – The Used
  10. Kill Caustic – AFI

My music tastes tend to change with my mood, but I like all sorts really. I’m mostly into rock and punk. I love music though, it can help me through some tough times to be honest. When I’m low I lose myself in it and it’s like my own little safe place. Research has shown that listening to music can reinforce or lift your mood, and lead to a greater quality of life. It releases a mood-enhancing chemical in the brain. It’s a big reason why Rock Choir is so important to me, as that really helps to lift my mood too. The singing and social interaction combined are a great remedy for a bad day. Not just for me, for anyone.

Whilst we’re on the topic of music, I’ll write about another blog challenge topic that I’ve got listed (I have more than 31 ideas, don’t worry!). My 10 favourite songs! This is a hard one as there’s so many songs I love! But am sure I can narrow it down to 10, I hope haha… well here goes anyway!

  1. Basket Case – Green Day
  2. Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty
  3. Do It Like A Dude – Jessie J
  4. Happy – Pharrell Williams
  5. In The End – Black Veil Brides
  6. Nightingale – Demi Lovato
  7. Mr Blue Sky – ELO
  8. We Are Young – Fun.
  9. Iris – Goo Goo Dolls
  10. Nothing Else Matters – Metallica (This was the first dance song at my wedding!)

So there we go, I managed to choose 10 songs… took me a while! And there’s still many, many more that I could have written down. As I’ve said, I love my music 🙂 it’s a big part of my life, and I’d be lost without it. I was once asked if I had to lose either my sight or my hearing, which would I choose; and my instant reaction was sight, because I couldn’t live without my music! That’s how much it means to me.

Right, time for me to go cook dinner as my darling husband will be home any minute now, I love being a housewife! 😀

Until next time folks, take care and stay strong… 🙂


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