November 24th – Christmas Shopping!

Hey folks,

I’m feeling really accomplished tonight; hubby and I went shopping and managed to get everyone’s Christmas presents in one day!!!! It’s the first year for so many years, that we’ve been organised and on top of it. Normally we leave it until December! (usually Christmas eve!!). I feel really good now that it’s all done, and this week I intend to get all the cards done and everything wrapped as well. Then we’re all sorted ready for Christmas!

I can’t say I’m feeling all that festive yet, but I am looking forward to Christmas this year. Even though hubby is a complete “Bah Humbug!!”. We never bother with decorations, as it’s just so much faff that I can’t be bothered with to be honest. But for the first time in a long time, we can actually get each other something for Christmas. The last few years we’ve not been able to afford to, so it makes a nice change! We’re creating Amazon wishlists to make it easier, although I’m struggling as I don’t know what I want!

Anyway, in other news….

229 days self harm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Very proud of that. I had a lovely message yesterday from a really good friend, complimenting me on my blog and my achievements with my mental health journey. It really made me smile and made this blog feel even more worthwhile. To know people are proud of me as well is a really good feeling.

So, tomorrow I am dyeing my hair, a very bright red! I’m really excited!! If I’m brave enough (which I can’t guarantee), I will post a photo.

I meant to say the other day, that I’ve entered my blog into the Bloggers Lounge awards. Not quite sure what they are really, but I figured it would help get my blog out there. I’m now up to 91 followers – Hello to all the newest ones, and thank you!! – I may even achieve the big 100 by Christmas. That would be the most perfect present for me. So keep liking and sharing for me folks, it really does make a difference, thanks!!

My leg/foot tattoo is still healing nicely, itchy at times, but getting there. It’s over a week old now (just!); can’t wait until it’s fully healed though, patience isn’t one of my virtues!!

Anyway, it’s been a long and rather hectic day so it’s time to chill! Until next time folks, take care and stay strong!


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