October 23rd – First Shift Success!

Hey folks,

So today was my first shift at my new job; it went well and hopefully it’ll work out this time! Third time lucky feels more likely now. Really want it to work out, am sick of the ‘new job nerves!’. It all seems pretty straight forward, a fair bit to learn but will get there. If I can cope with returns and exchanges at my last job, I can learn this one. A couple of weeks and I’ll be all good. Am a little annoyed because my hours have changed slightly, now includes Saturdays, but its all money, and can speak to them about it if it causes problems.

Am pretty tired but no where near as tired as I used to be after my other job. The travelling used to take it out of me more than the work though! This job is on my doorstep practically. Takes me less than 2 minutes to get there, so its very convenient. No bus fare means all that I earn is mine and not the bus companies!!  So that’s a definite plus.

Right now I feel a bit unwell. Not sure what it is, but feel really sick and shakey. Been happening all day on and off. Probably coming down with hubbys cold/flu thing! Typically. Am not working anymore until Monday though, so I’ve got the time to get over whatever it is! Am hoping its nothing too bad, haven’t got the time to be ill really haha.

Mentally I’m feeling good though, so that’s a bonus! Today is 197 days self harm free and I’m so proud of that; am so close to 200 now, its starting to feel so epic! Probably sounds daft, but its the 1 thing I never thought I’d be able to control. Yet here I am, I’m in control!! Feels good 🙂

Huge thank you and welcome once again to my new followers. Up to 78 now, incredible! Maybe I will make the 100 after all! 😀

Anyways, am going to settle down under the duvet with hubby and watch movies for the rest of the evening. Take care everyone and until next time….



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