October 10th – Second Week Complete!

Hey folks,

Apologies again for the lack of posts; all my life seems to consist of is work and sleep! So exhausted 99% of the time. Work really does take it out of me. Yesterday and today were really busy, so was on the go for pretty much my entire shift, especially yesterday. Sure makes the time go fast though, before I know it my shift is done. But hey, I’ve survived my second week, yay me!!!

This morning I spoke to HR about changing departments, its not looking likely at the moment but am keeping my fingers crossed. Someone needs to swap with me in order for me to move, so here’s hoping someone will.

Today is world mental health day; I hope my blog helps others out there who may be suffering in silence. The idea behind this blog, was to not only document my journey, but to help others too and fight the stigma faced all too often by those who suffer with MH issues.

My mood has been a little up and down recently, I think its directly linked to my energy levels. When I’m tired I get low. Will catch up on some sleep over the weekend hopefully. Speaking of which, sleep sounds good right now so will call it a night for this post. Thanks for reading and sorry its so brief! Until next time….


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