August 31st – Another month down

Hey folks,

Well today is the last day of August. This year is flying by! People are starting the countdown to Christmas and this year I’m determined to be more prepared than I usually am. Normally I’m a last minute kinda girl, but need to eliminate that stress. Stress affects my bipolar so if I can avoid it I will!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my Pdoc, first time I’ve seen her in ages. So will be a lot of catching up to do. If she bothers to listen to me that is. We’ve never really gotten on 100%, I find her really patronising. So will be interesting.

Have really enjoyed the week off with my husband. It was really chilled and I feel really rested. My anxiety regarding work is creeping back though, as I’m back on Tuesday. Hopefully it’ll be okay, I’ve just got to be strong and try to ignore the anxiety. Easier said than done though that’s for sure. I’m still looking for a new job for when my temp contract ends. I don’t know if the girl I’m covering maternity leave for is coming back or not as yet, so it’s all a bit unknown still anyway. I was told that I’d most likely be kept on after anyway and they’d fit me in somewhere, but honestly the anxiety is more exhausting than the job itself. So I don’t think long term it’s going to be good for me. I’ve got to think of its affects on my health over anything else. I do enjoy the job, but I never fully relax and that wears me down. Its like I need a holiday every couple of weeks to be able to cope with it. Which obviously isn’t an option. Oh well, will see what happens I guess.

Not much else to report really, as haven’t been anywhere or done anything much. So, will post again tomorrow about my appointment. Until then folks, good night.


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