August 23rd – Bella Butterfly

Hey folks,

Introducing…Bella Butterfly!!


This marks over 100 days self harm clean, to be precise it is 136 days today 🙂
Nothing much else to report really; doing okay and getting increasingly excited for the Harry Potter tour on Monday!!! Will be wearing my Gryffindor Quidditch team hoodie with pride! Haha geeeeeeek!
Work was alright yesterday, spent the morning in the forest! We played with mud, whittled willow and built dens and campfires, on which we toasted marshmallows and popped corn! Was kinda fun, but cold and rainy at points. Still, was better than actual work, plus I should get a certificate to show I’m trained in Forest Schooling. Woo.
The afternoon was spent cleaning our rooms and sorting things out ready for the new starters in September. Was finished by 3.20pm so came home and had a lush hot shower, I stunk of bonfire smoke!!

Today, apart from my tattoo appointment, has been just spent at home watching movies with the hubby and relaxing. Love it. Tonight is going to go along the same lines, and the new series of Dr Who starts too.

Tomorrow is BTCC and more relaxing lol. The best type of weekend is a chilled out one for sure.

Think that is all I’ve really got to say for today, so thanks for reading and until next time….


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