July 18th – Amazeballs

Hey folks, 

A rather random title I know, but it sums things up quite nicely! 

I am very proud of myself today; First off I want to announce that today is….. 

100-fireworks…days self harm free!!!! 

An incredible accomplishment and here’s to the next 100!! (Already counting down lol!)



A big thank you to my bestie too, for buying me Demi Lovato’s album! I have some simply awesome friends!! 

Secondly, I received a letter today, telling me that the poem I entered into The Great British Write Off competition, has been selected to be published in a book!! Due for release on 31st October! I’m going to be a published author!!!!!! How exciting is that?! I think I must have read the letter a dozen times already, still feels a bit surreal! I think I’ve posted it before in my blog, but here is the poem: 



And thirdly what I’m proud of is, making it through a full week, well my 3 full days, at work! It’s been hard, I’ll admit that! Utterly exhausting, but ultimately good. I’ve enjoyed it and hopefully the anxiety is easing a little. Still get a bit uptight when someone mentions sick, but so far so good. If it happens then it happens, it’s something I can’t control so I need to try and stop worrying so much about it. Today I got to spend some time in the babies room, so except for one room, I’ve worked in them all now. I am glad it’s the weekend now though!! 

I think that’s all I have to report for today really, 3 pretty big things to me though! I’m definitely proud of myself for all 3 of them; it finally feels like I have a grip on life and I’m winning. 

Thanks for reading as always lovely people, until next time…. 


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