July 7th – Le Tour De France

Hey folks,

Today I mostly spent burning in the sun, waiting for the tour de France cycle race to pass by the village! Arrived at my spot around 10.30am, and managed to get almost to the barriers, so had a good view. Was tiring just standing around though, and the sun was burning the back of my neck! Luckily I’d been clever a put a T-shirt on, rather than my usual vest top, and took a bottle of water with me as well. After watching the sponsors procession, all went pretty quiet for a while. People were just chatting and soaking up the atmosphere of it all. Then 12:15pm came around and we got word from a police officer that the race had begun in town. Excitement started mounting in anticipation of them arriving where we were. At just after 12:30pm the TV helicopter appeared in the distance, so we knew it was coming. Shortly after the race passed by, to a lot of cheers, clapping and flag waving! I recorded it on video and uploaded to YouTube, you can find it here.

After it had passed I went back home and watched the rest on TV. It was quite surreal to see familiar places, but showed just how beautiful our countryside really is. Towns and villages came to life with people supporting the race, and there was definite pride in all of us. To host such a prestigious event is an honour for our part of the country.

This afternoon I received an email from my new manager at work, saying she’d been told how well I’d done at work on Friday, and how pleased she was to have me on board as staff. She also offered me more hours, starting in August. She suggested I think it over and let her know when I’m back in on Friday. I’ll probably take the hours though to be honest, its only two 5 hour shifts extra, and means more money. It’ll also be in a different room to my other hours. So, Monday, Tuesday and Friday will be full days with the 1-2’s, and Wednesday and Thursday will be half day with the babies!! Its both exciting and scary at the same time. But I’ve got all of July to settle in and get used to working again before I take on the extra. So it should be okay.

Today is 89 days self harm free! Can’t believe how close I am to that magical 100!!!!! I’m so incredibly proud of myself and long may it continue. As I said previously (yesterday I think…) I am contemplating purchasing a domain name for my blog to celebrate. Seems a fitting tribute to myself in a way…what do you lovely people think? Some feedback would be appreciated.
Anyway, that’s all for today, am tired after le tour and a 3 mile walk with my hubby this eve! So, until next time…..


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