June 29th – Post Show Blues

Hey folks,

Well, what can I say, yesterday was incredible!!! We got a standing ovation at the second show, such an awesome feeling! Here’s us in all our glory on the stage:


It was completely exhausting, but so worth it. I love performing with Rock Choir, it’s truly a great experience every time.

The day started bright and early at 10am, for line ups, soundchecks etc. A brief bit of lunch, and then it was show time (1 of 2!) at 2pm! A few technical hitches with the backing tracks, but otherwise a slick and smooth show that seemed to be well received. We then had a 45 minute break to rest and eat before show time again at 6pm! I was part of a group performance of a song called The Living Years; there was 9 of us, 3 of each part. It went really well the first time, despite nerves and emotions running high, but the second time it went even better. I did have to fight back tears though, it’s a very emotive song and makes me think of my father.

By the end of the second show at 8.30pm I was shattered; I really don’t have the greatest amount of energy these days, and it does bug me. As I said above though, I didn’t care how tired I was, it had all been so very worth it!

Today I’ve definitely had the post show blues, as well as the emotion of it being 3 years today since my father passed away. It gets to me every year, which is understandable I suppose. I had hoped with time it would get easier, but it’s still just as emotional this year. I can’t believe where the time has gone to be honest. It seems to have flown by, and I still miss him just as much.

Today also is 81 days self harm free; what a way to celebrate the 80th day yesterday though! I’ve been told that I deserve a reward, but I’m not sure what, nor do I really have the funds available to actually reward myself with anyway! If anyone has any suggestions or would like to reward me then feel free lol!

Anyway, am still exhausted from yesterday, so going to take my meds and chillax now. So, until next time lovely people….


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