June 27th – Nearly show time!!!

Hey folks,

Am a little excited today, as it’s show day tomorrow!! Am also quite nervous about it all, but fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and no overheating/fainting!! Can’t believe we’re doing 2 shows in one day, crazy stuff!! Have taken my earrings out already, just got to take my bracelets off in the morning. No jewellery allowed (except wedding/engagement rings); with Rock Choir we have a slick uniform, black trousers (or long skirt), with a black t-shirt/top with the logo on the front. When we’re all stood in a block it looks awesome! I remember a sea of black and stars when we went to the O2 last year, it was epic. About 300 of them are taking to the Cambridge Corn Exchange stage tomorrow, and it’s going to blow the socks off the audience! We’ve worked so hard and hope we put on the best show ever.

You can tell I’m excited as I’m just going on and on about it lol…

Have been to town today to get the last bits for my SSK (Show Survival Kit!), so far it consists of: Vocalzone lozenges, Dextro energy tabs, paracetamol, hayfever pills and bananas! Will add some other food and of course, the essential, water to it tomorrow morning. As well as make up, hair brush and another essential, deodorant! Performing under stage lights gets rather warm…

I’m sat here listening to my harmonies as I type and it just fills me with pride to be honest; to be part of something so awesome and it’s like my extended family. Have made so many friends through Rock Choir, and we always have a good time. If you like to sing then see if there’s one local to you; just go to the Rock Choir website (www.rockchoir.com). You can book a free taster session to see if you like it, then if you do, it’s £25 per month, but worth every single penny.

It’s a proven fact that singing together as a group, is great for depression and associated mental illnesses. It’s definitely a big part of my therapy, it’s very uplifting and has often brought me back up from my black hole for a while. It’s often exhausting, but in a good way! I’ve never been to a rehearsal and not come out of it smiling; I think it helps that our amazing leader has such infectious enthusiasm and energy, she really is like an energiser bunny and we wouldn’t be the choir that we are without her.

Right, I’m off to keep practising (although not singing too much, vocal rest and all that lol). It’s very unlikely that I’ll blog tomorrow as will be on the go from 10am, so will tell you all about it on Sunday no doubt. Until then lovely people….



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