June 20th – Faith The Phoenix

Hey folks, 

Today has been an epic day! I finally got Faith the Phoenix finished, completing my mental health journey ink, and making me very emotional!! Here she is in all her gorgeous glory: 


I also got this:



It’s my little Green Day tribute, matching Billie Joe’s ink! I’ve called him Skully haha.

Love it all, and am so happy that Faith is now finished. It’s like she’s come to life on my arm and looks amazing! Very sore though.. but SO worth it! The finger ink I thought would hurt a lot, but really didn’t! Little bit sore now if I touch it, but otherwise all good. It’s been an epic road to get to this point, and my tattoo is a true reflection of how far I’ve come. 

I’m now currently listening to Rock Choir harmonies, ready for our full day of rehearsals tomorrow; going to be a long day! Excited about doing the show though, out biggest stage performance so far. We’ve also been told what we’re doing for the RC 10th birthday next year, and it’s going to be awesome! I’ll say more about that nearer the time! 

Rock Choir has definitely been a big part of my recovery; the getting together and singing really does have the feel good factor and I always come home from rehearsals in a good mood. I think out leaders infectious energy and enthusiasm rubs off on us all, and we always have a laugh. I’ve made so many friends through it and had some truly amazing experiences, such as singing with 16,000 other Rockies at the London O2 last year! An incredible experience that I won’t ever forget. Even more exciting things to look forward to in the future too. 

Right, time to focus on learning these lyrics and harmonies, so until next time… 




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