June 12th

Hey folks,

Thought I’d check in and say hello.. not really much to report… but today is day 64 self harm free!!! 😀 still really proud of that. Wish I had £1 for every day I beat, I’d be getting rich haha….

Haven’t really done much this week, went to the money course yesterday and learnt about budgets and savings which was good. We were also given a filing folder and some free food from the food bank! I got a tin of chickpeas, a tin of kidney beans and some rice. Not quite sure what to do with them as yet, but am sure I’ll find something!

I was a model for a trainee at a hair salon yesterday as well, and had some highlights put in my hair, love it!! Perfect timing for all the things I’ve got coming up in the next couple of weeks. (More about those when they happen!).

Today I saw my mum this morning and the did some art this afternoon:


I have a bit of a pin-up obsession at the moment, not quite sure why!!

I’m really struggling with what to write about tonight…. think I’ll finish on a positive quote and say good night:


Until next time…..




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