June 4th – Money Matters

Hey folks,

Not a great deal to report, but thought I’d check in and say hey, as it’s been a couple days since I posted.

Monday and Tuesday I had work, was exhausted by the time I finished yesterday at 3:45pm, after starting at 8:15am both days! Been a while since I’ve done such a long working day and it definitely took it out of me. I’m really proud of myself for getting through it though, and it’s all money earned.

Also yesterday, I did a solo performance at Rock Choir; another thing I’m proud of! It used to take a lot of courage to get up there and sing solo, but even more so now. Afterwards though I’m really glad that I did it, and it went quite well (despite very little preparation!).

Today I started a 6 week course called ‘Making the most of your money’; It’s a free course run by a local charity at the CAB. I found it really informative and am hoping over the next 5 weeks I’ll learn how to manage our money better, so it takes away some of the stress! I’m really pleased though, because this month all of our bills have been paid, and we still have some (okay, a small amount!), left over. Next month we have to allow for the electricity payment as well, but if we do it right it should be fine. We had 1 payment this month that was considerably larger than it normally is, so with that going back to normal next month, fingers crossed! I’ll post what I learn each week on here. Today we covered ‘Needs vs Wants’ and ‘Attitude to money’. It was insightful to see just how I view money, and where I can make changes to make things better. One thing we do a lot is prioritise our wants rather than our needs, so that needs addressing. However, this month has proved that we can do it, so it’s just a case of continuing as such.

Mood wise, pretty stable. A few small dips here and there when I get tired, but overall okay. Also, am now 56 days self harm free!!

So that’s all really, 3 things (or 4 if you count going to the course), to be proud of, and I am indeed proud. Makes a change for me to be able to say that; I just hope it continues! The only way is up, right?

Oh, and speaking of Rock Choir, if anyone fancies a night out on 28th of this month, then book tickets for this, it’s set to be a great show!!:




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