April 28th – Stepping out….

Hi folks,

I’m blogging on the bus! Currently on my way to an amateur drama group for the first time and rather nervous!!

It’s definitely a step out of my comfort zone and a very last minute decision. I was restless at home but sleepy at the same time, so needed to do something! It used to be Rock Choir on a Monday night, but that’s now Tuesdays for me.

The amateur drama group is £12 a quarter, so not too badly priced and gives me the chance to escape almost and they are planning a production for late 2014/early 2015, so I hope people will come watch me!

As far as today is concerned, my mood has been fairly stable. Had a little dip this morning when I first got up, but after breakfast and my medication I seemed to be able pick myself up and carry on fine.

I had an appointment with my GP today and he was really happy with my progress; he said that seeing me now, there is a considerable difference in me from the beginning when I first saw him. It was a really good appointment and I came out of it very upbeat and smiley. Still in a really good mood now, just a little anxious/nervous about the Am Dram group.

I’ll let you all know how it went in tomorrows blog post, as by the time I get back it’ll be late and I’ll probably be tired out.

Going to call time on this post now too as there isn’t really much else to write about! So, until next time…..


x Sara Phoenix x


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