March 22nd

Good evening lovely people!
(yes, I said good again, 2 days in a row, how outrageous of me haha!)

I’ve not got much to report for today, as mostly been chilling out with my husband. After yesterday’s gardening exploits I feel mighty sore and achey today! But it was worth it for sure.

I think the biggest thing to report today is…. *dramatic pause*….

I woke up with just me, myself and I in my head! No Benji. Not a peep ALL day!!! Perhaps he’s sulking because I ignored him yesterday and achieved so much, who knows. I’m relishing every minute of peace! Maybe the medication has done it, or maybe I’m just getting stronger and more under control and blocking him out. Whatever is going on, I like it! To not have to battle with him constantly or feel rubbish because of him is such a welcome relief. It feels like I’m on holiday from my own head! I could have shouted it from the rooftops this morning, I was that delighted!

I’ve had quite a steady week mood wise; slowly picked up and have now had 2 days in a row where I’ve felt reasonably ‘normal’!! Today I’ve smiled, laughed and been really relaxed. No fake smiles to be found here; currently my husband is being daft and making me laugh! It’s been a while since he’s seen me like this, so it’s made his day too.

I did accomplish something today as well; I organised my bedroom. (Well, made a start on it!) Made quite a difference with the little I did get done. I’m going to (with husbands help!) attempt to put a rail in my built in wardrobe (it’s in the spare room but I’ve claimed it as mine! My husband has the one in the other spare room, but his had a rail already!) and finally have somewhere to put my clothes! At the moment they’re piled up in our bedroom and it’s annoying me. We’ve lived here nearly 4 years, so it’s about time!

I’m still leaning on the edge of caution with my moods at the moment, but am feeling hopeful that things are moving in the right direction. Also, with all the things I’m getting done at the moment, if a bad day does sneak up on me, I can take a day or so out and just ride it out, safe in the knowledge that I’ve gotten alot done already. Every day is a new day and I’m taking them one at a time. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, as they say – “Don’t run before you can walk.” – and I apply that to my journey.

I’m going to end it there for tonight, as really not alot else to say! Am going to lay back and watch a movie with my adoring husband. Here’s a few positive (I think!) images to draw this post to a close.
Good night and thanks for reading!










(Okay there’s more than a few, I got carried away!! Really going now…)

x Sara Phoenix x


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